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ServiceMax Modernizes HVAC Field Service Industry

HVAC technicians efficiently manage impacts of extreme weather conditions. They are available 24x7 to ensure perfect functioning of HVAC equipment. To achieve excellence in HVAC services follow these 7 steps:

  1. Train the HVAC techs appropriately
  2. Spread the word
  3. Make the most of seasonal downtime
  4. Establish and retain relationships
  5. Stay commercial during busy times
  6. Weather the winter
  7. Boost your field service

Leverage ServiceMax’s mobile, agile and cloud-based field service tools for adapting to changing business requirements. An intuitive Service Flow Manager revolutionizes the HVAC field service industry. The drag and drop dispatch process configuration result in quick implementation. Other key features include:

  • HVAC best practices library
  • Clear visual cues that trains HVAC technicians fast
  • HVAC technician best practices integrated to the flow
  • Incorporates the HVAC workflow easily into the web

Samsa Mechanical Services specializing in commercial HVAC services has benefited by implementing ServiceMax. There has been an increase of 20% in billable hours and the field technicians have become productive.

To learn more download and read the Case Study.