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ServiceMax Allow Customers to Set Up IT Service Requests

New age internet technology has changed customer expectations. Today customers prefer to log issues and view their data online. ServiceMax’s customer and partner visibility allows customers to create their IT service requests and work orders.

Use ServiceMax to maximize customer delight and boost customer retention by allowing them the desired visibility. The customer and partner visibility platform allows you to:

  • Offers your customers visibility of service history and case details
  • Empower your customer to have access to solutions that can be applied to their installed products
  • Keep a track of all partner activity including IT service requests, parts and returns
  • Dispatch work orders online directly to the service partners
  • Offer your service partners instant visibility into their dispatch operations state and success metrics

For service partners that present you to the customer, it is essential to ensure they are managing customer service requests effectively. Partner with ServiceMax for proper management of IT service requests. Download the White Paper to know more.