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Understand the Meaning of Business Transformation with ServiceMax

Want to know the meaning of business transformation? It is about dispatching expert field techs, latest technology, best solution and ideas on every customer call. ServicePulse from ServiceMax can help!

ServicePulse transforms the manner in which a company collaborates on field service topics. It offers meaningful insights to the field service executives for smart decision making. Use ServicePulse to:

  • Allow secure, real-time collaboration and communication across your company
  • Allow your field techs to share photos and post questions, troubleshoot with others and solve customer queries fast
  • Leverage hasgtagging and search capabilities for accessing common, uncommon and obscure issues
  • Allow your field techs stay updated with what is taking place on the field by following accounts, cases, people, products and opportunities
  • Attain visibility to updates, changes and other items as they occur with the help of ServicePulse ticker
  • Utilize automated alerts to highlight the customer accounts having high-volume activity

Each field techs gets the support of an entire team by using ServiceMax. Download our White Paper and know more.