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Balance Inventories with Advanced Repair Management Software

Inventory and repair management is all about balance. Carrying fewer inventories will make you lose revenue opportunities and disappoint customers. Carrying excess inventory will expose you to costly write-downs. Want to strike a balance? ServiceMax's repair management software can help.

The cloud-based repair management software from ServiceMax helps you balance inventory at every location, like depot repair units, warehouses and on consignment. The software can:

  • Maintain inventory information for every transaction type like RMA's, stock adjustments, parts transactions, transfers and parts requests
  • Help you offer instant inventory views to your service partners along with the capability to request, ship parts and close the part transactions
  • Manage reverse and forward logistics to and from the depot repair hubs and facilities
  • Manage parts, returns and track repairs across your entire service network

Want to simplify your inventory and repair management to boost customer retention? Get ServiceMax.