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ServiceMax Products - Revolutionizing Field Service Applications - Cloud Computing Platform

Field service professionals rely on creating a loyal customer. Your sales team works hard to sell your product to customers. So, it’s important to look for ways to ensure customer needs are met overtime. Customer loyalty results from consistent delivery of solution to satisfy customers. Understanding the need of your customer is critical for providing excellent customer service.

ServiceMax strives to help customers deliver exceptional field service to their customers. We help customers strengthen their service delivery process and improve revenue growth, in turn delight their customers. ServiceMax ensures customer delight at every customer call. Our solutions support collaborative, real-time field service to all aspects of field service, including products communicating their status to field technicians. Our product features include:

Better response to customers

Pinpointing of accurate arrival times

More predictable service

Higher first-visit completion rate

ServiceMax is the first ever cloud-based suite of mobile field service applications. We provide powerful capabilities in field service for optimizing operations and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.