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Manage your territories efficiently with ServiceMax's territory management software

Wouldn't it be perfect if your organization could always be sure that its technicians only responded to the service calls that were closest to them geographically? Now, with ServiceMax's territory management software, a nearly perfect service world is only a few clicks away. A world where one work order for one technician/team.

Territory - or Service Territory - is used in ServiceMax's field service software to align one or more Service Teams and technicians to a logical grouping based on geographical dimensions such as postal code, city, country and/or virtual dimensions such as product and industry. Territory management is crucial to achieve work load balancing, and to reach optimum levels of service resource utilization. ServiceMax provides an interactive tree-based hierarchical system to manage service territories along with the scope of coverage for each territory. Once territory hierarchy is defined, technicians can be associated with the appropriate territories.

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