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ServiceMax Offers Mobile Apps for Field Service Techs on the Go

Field service techs are always on the go solving customer problems. They need advanced software to adhere to customer appointment time slots and ensure customer delight. On-premise and heavy-duty software proves inadequate. ServiceMax’s field service mobile apps can help!

Field service techs require relevant service and product data to speed up the resolution time. Carrying heavy clipboards will hamper productivity. ServiceMax’s field service mobile apps allow BYOD mobility. ServiceMax Mobile allows executives, field workers and service managers to access ServiceMax 24 x7.

Using ServiceMax Mobile field service techs can:

  • Use mobile devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, laptops, Windows and Android based Smartphone’s
  • Ensure a reliable experience across web and mobile applications
  • Utilize Infinity Framework for outlining workflow, configure and then forward it to mobile devices
  • Use store and forward capabilities and access relevant data even when there is no Internet connection
  • Track service history, reduce errors and speed the billing procedure

Want to boost field service tech productivity? Get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.