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Cloud-Based Field Service Technology Improves Service Delivery Chain

Field service companies aims to perfect their service delivery function and offer customer delight. They know that customer issues cannot be resolved remotely. An able field worker has to be dispatch to the customer site with the correct parts to speed up the resolution time. Only a cloud-based field service technology can make this possible. Choose ServiceMax.

ServiceMax runs on cloud and is easy to deploy. It provides the users with a cost-effective subscription model. The benefits of a cloud-based field service technology for business are:

  • Tracking and outlining of service teams and their corresponding territories
  • Allowing field techs to set up, allot, debrief and update the field work orders
  • Monitoring the field work order process for the preventive maintenance situations
  • Debriefing a field work order effortlessly when there are several products to be serviced
  • Creating estimates
  • Tracking expense and actual items and create service reports and invoices to get client signature
  • Averting expensive billing mistakes
  • Delivering instant SLA counters on your field work order to heighten awareness of probable SLA violations

Want to maximize your first time closings by almost 18%? Get ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service technology.