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Advanced Process Automation Software to Streamline Field Service Delivery

Want to attend every client call with accurate data and a skilled workforce? On-premise systems and legacy software will keep you away from it. You need advanced process automation software. ServiceMax can help.

ServiceMax's process automation software operates on cloud and effectively monitors the implementation, creation, allotment, closure and the debriefing of work orders. Partnering with ServiceMax will help you to:

  • Remove excess and useless paperwork
  • Maximize service partner and field worker productivity
  • Improve technician utilization rates by allowing field workers to work even with no Internet connectivity
  • Drastically minimize billing errors
  • Increase unwanted expenses by keeping track on technician time, parts and labor expenses
  • Remove the chances of any SLA violations
  • Bring down operational costs by providing customers and partners with work order status and updates in real-time

Field service is mobile. To complement its inherent nature and deliver flawless field service, get ServiceMax.