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Access and Update Work Orders for Maintenance using ServiceMax

Machines at home or offices need maintenance from time to time. Successful field service is all about accurately tracking the work orders for maintenance and attending the same on time. Legacy software and heavy clipboards will hinder your field service productivity. ServiceMax’s work order management helps.

ServiceMax’s cloud-based work order management software caters to the customer SLA commitments. It increases the first time closures by 18% and field tech productivity by 26%.

Use the work management software to:

  • Generate and update work orders for maintenance using a Dispatch Console
  • Guide your field workers and service partners via the workflows to ensure high-quality field service
  • Allow consumers to attain work order status or create the work orders through a customer portal
  • Create fact-based dashboards and reports on work order data including the service history

Want to increase resolution times and increase service revenues? Partner with ServiceMax.