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Features of Cloud-Based Field Worker Software

Today big and small scale field service companies are replacing their complex and on-premise software with cloud-based field worker software. The objective is to capitalize revenue generating opportunities and ensure customer delight. ServiceMax can help.

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field worker software helps you function on a cost-effective subscription model and is easy to deploy. The software helps your company to:

  • Stay flexible : The software adapts to the company changes as your field service business expands
  • Go mobile : Cloud aligns every device with the work orders and eliminates manual data entry processes
  • Stay cost-efficient: Field worker software does not need any extra hardware or software to install
  • Focus on customers: Helps you stay free from managing servers, concentrating on unyielding systems and focus on offering customer delight

Your field service business gains better efficiency and agility on cloud. ServiceMax’s field worker software offers improved collaboration and flexibility.