How Effective is the ServiceMax Asset Service App?

Technician Productivity

Your technicians are always on the go and need a mobile application that keeps up with today's demands for service execution. The ServiceMax mobile app ensures the highest levels of efficiency from your technicians and engineers. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases technician productivity by 23%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

A Mobile Solution Uniquely Designed for Life in the Field

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See how technicians use the ServiceMax mobile app

The ServiceMax mobile app is developed on a standard mobile framework for all the functionality you need to improve technician and crew productivity with any device. Designed from the ground up for service execution, it provides a refined interface, consistent access, and targeted service workflows regardless of internet connectivity. ServiceMax mobile app empowers workers to successfully complete complex work orders, present service reports for signature, locate parts and products in the field, and much more.

ServiceMax Mobile App

The next generation of mobile productivity for service and maintenance technicians

Our App is ultimately flexible and uniquely designed for service delivery. It doesn’t just put a calendar and directions in the hands of techs and engineers—it delivers complete visibility for maximum productivity. With a work order process that comes complete with scheduling, crew communications, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order debrief, engineers do more. They not only accurately account for their work, but they also follow the right steps for consistent and compliant service. And, they can do it all whether online or off. ServiceMax mobile app is perfect for the “disconnected day”, and keeps techs working even while offline for weeks and even months. Deployed with Service Flow, it delivers consistent workflows to any device, for every type of service: complex work break-fix, installations, planned maintenance and more. It keeps technicians focused, and productive with instant access to a knowledgebase as well as support documents and videos.

Seamless Sync Experience

The best offline performance for technicians and workers

Field Technicians need to be productive on-the-go, even when there is no data network. Without data connectivity, some standard mobile applications stop providing full capabilities, but not the ServiceMax mobile app. With our market-leading Smart Sync and industry-first Sync Gateway features, the app keeps technicians productive with just the right amount and type of data to complete their service workflow—covering a full work order process, forms and checklists, work order debrief, service report generation, and signature capture—all in a seamless manner.

Offline Close

Complete mobile work order management regardless of connectivity

When your paper-based service activities slow your operations or your audit, you need a reliable application that helps workers and technicians keep accurate records of each service job. It can’t slow them down and it can’t be incomplete, so the app’s offline performance can’t be an afterthought. ServiceMax mobile app enables time-saving automation for the technician and puts complete and accurate reporting when the job is done. The result is a complete, accurate, and efficient experience that improves utilization and lowers service costs.

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