Tyco Integrated Security, now a part of Johnson Controls, is focused on providing the most advanced business security solutions, including the design, installation, and services. Their products and services are used by over 500,000 customers across North America. Tyco’s goal is to protect commercial organizations from external security threats like burglary, fire, theft, intrusion, inventory loss, and workplace violence.


Tyco Integrated Security

Security & Investigations

5,001-10,000 employees

Boca Raton, Florida


“From a global standpoint, ServiceMax can be implemented in any region. It allows us to continue to grow and include other business applications”

Dan Cattron
Senior Project Manager


Over 25 years ago, Tyco created a homegrown system to manage the company’s field service team. While it was helpful for many years, as the company began to grow, the system remained static. There were limitations, including the limited ability to make adjustments or business process changes or pull reports. If Tyco wanted to see any analytics, the admins had to manually pull data out of the homegrown system and store it in an Access database to run reports.

With key people of Tyco’s IT team retiring, the company needed a modern field service management system to continue growing and remain a leader.


Tyco began looking for a system where technicians could debrief work orders and keep details up to date all on a mobile platform. ServiceMax had exactly that. The next step was to migrate 3.5 million records, including contracts, warranties, and accounts, to ServiceMax, which was not easy due to the legacy system’s extreme customization.

“Implementation and the ability of our Tyco Integrated Security team to adapt to ServiceMax went a lot smoother than I expected. We were on our old system for 25 years...people don’t like change. The ease of transition has been great,” explained Cattron.

After a successful transition, ServiceMax was supporting Tyco’s call center, account services, contracts, warranty, billing, revenue recognition, parts inventory, customer install base, field service, installation and dispatch of technicians.


Today, Tyco can completely focus on providing excellent service, knowing that technicians have the right tools in their hands. Techs no longer have to manually close work orders, guess what amount to charge customers, input information multiple times, or search for the right serial number at each location. This has resulted in a FTF rate increase of 3%, an increase in efficiency, accurate warranty and entitlements, and better communication across all departments.

“ServiceMax has partnered with us, and we are very appreciative of that.”