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Service Experts Tour 2022: Virtual

13 julio 2022
9:00-11:00AM PDT
If you want to create a best-in-class service organization, you need feedback from best-in-class service leaders. Join us virtually!
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Service Experts Tour 2022

15 junio 2022
US and Europe

In today’s economic landscape, our common roadblock to digital transformation is dealing with resource challenges. We are all facing it. Whether it’s inflation, the supply chain, or the great resignation, these resource challenges can stall progress, lead to a digital refresh, or even accelerate innovation within service organizations today.

Join us in a city near you as we gather the vibrant community of customers, partners, and thought leaders who live and breathe these challenges day in and day out. They have seen these challenges before and are dealing with them in innovative ways. Even after just a half day of content and networking, you will walk away with new perspectives and new connections.

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