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[Innovation Series] Are Installations Piling Up? Complex Jobs Simplified!


Installations, overhauls and decommissions are multi-step processes that involve careful planning of resources, time and materials. If one task slips, a whole project may be at risk with painful delays and missed customer expectations. The right software can help your dispatchers and planners stay one step ahead when scheduling complex jobs. In this livecast, join ServiceMax to discuss how to schedule and monitor your complex jobs effectively.

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Field Service Circle Virtual


Como no podemos reunirnos en persona, les traemos nuestros Field Service Circles de manera virtual. Únete a nosotros para una conversación esclarecedora y al intercambio de conocimientos colaborativo en torno al Servicio de mantenimiento industrial durante estos tiempos difíciles!

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How B. Braun Ensures Regulatory Compliance


  • Life Science & Medical Equipment

In a fast changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment, it can be difficult to ensure compliance to an ever-changing array of medical device regulations in multiple countries. To stay compliant, but also to provide global traceability and to obtain service data from its global markets, B. Braun chose the ServiceMax Field Service Software.

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20.1 Client Product Release


ServiceMax's 20.1 Client product release is now available! From being able to schedule more nearby jobs, to offering faster access to knowledge when at a customer site — the new product release delivers features that help dispatchers, planners, and technicians be more effective in their jobs.

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Best Practices for Depot Repair


  • Machinery
  • Mechanical or Industrial Manufacturing

Join this webinar to learn about strategies that can streamline, simplify and automate your depot repair processes. Topics include: How to craft a depot repair solution that's right for your business model; Streamlining processes for efficiency; and Increasing communication with customers through automated updates.

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[Innovation Series] The Do's and Don'ts of Contractor Management


Are you expecting a huge tsunami of work to hit your schedules as shelter-in-place restrictions begin to lift? Many of you will need additional resources to meet demand in the coming months, and 3rd party contractors are an amazing way to handle these kinds of short term spikes in demand. But 3rd parties have to be onboarded and managed to ensure they are representing your brand well. In this recorded livecast, join ServiceMax to discover the best ways to keep lines of communication open with your contractors.

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Medical Device Expert Talks: Accelerating digital transformation


Discover how Service Council, ServiceMax, and ProntoForms explored what Philips Healthcare and Medtronic are doing to empower their service business through digital transformation.

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Service, Sustain, Succeed: How Service Keeps the World Running


Our guest speaker, Chris Westlake, Global Process Owner of Service and Repair at Medtronic, joins Shawn LaRocco, VP of Digital Transformation at ServiceMax, to share their experience steering the service organizations during these challenging times and their perspective on the future of business. Medtronic and other medical device and life science companies are at the forefront of this crisis, working around the clock to ensure critical equipment is up and running reliably. This shock to the system has forced field service providers to re-evaluate how they run their organizations.

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[Innovation Series] Mobile For the Next Generation of Technicians


There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies do field service. Keeping technicians safe and completing emergency work is the top priority for service leaders today. But what about the future? Companies will need to leverage technology to help their technicians get up to speed faster and stay productive and informed. In this livecast, Joseph June, VP of Product Management, will share mobile strategies and product futures for the new generation of technicians.

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Asset 360™: Foundation for the Future of Field Service Management


Companies servicing high value, complex, mission-critical equipment need a complete view of their assets to run a profitable business. Adopting an Asset 360™ strategy enables you to drive efficiencies in your processes and deliver maximum uptime to your customers. Watch the replay of Stacey Epstein's Asset 360™ Keynote to learn how you can increase uptime, reduce costs, and maintain compliance through an asset-centric approach.

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20.1 Release: New Features To Help You Achieve Uptime


Manufacturers in asset-centric industries recognize that in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of their customers, they must also have this level of understanding when it comes to their assets. This means knowing how their equipment is doing once it has left their premises, as well as enabling their workforce with the right tools to keep the equipment up and running. For asset-centric service companies, ensuring consistent uptime for customers is everything.

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[Innovation Series] 5 Proven Ways to Master Parts Management


The goal of parts management is no longer to cut costs, IDC analysts note in their latest MarketScape. Improving customer experience and revenue growth is just as important as saving money. In this livecast, ServiceMax product experts Susan Tonkin and Anita D’Souza will discuss five ways you can balance cost savings while improving customer experience and growing revenue with parts management.

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[Innovation Series] Secrets of Efficient Scheduling Revealed


In this live cast, we will dive deep into scheduling, uncovering the pros and cons of automation and offering tips for companies at all stages of their service transformation journey. Join ServiceMax experts Susan Tonkin, Katharina Streater and Mayhul Jain to learn about different approaches to dispatching, handling complex service scenarios, and the three things you need to deliver efficient scheduling.

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Las Claves Para La Transformación Digital De Los Servicios


ServiceMax encargó a Forrester Consulting que examinara el impacto de la transformación digital y el IoT en los servicios de las empresas a nivel mundial. Desde cómo se gestiona la maquinaria hasta qué habilidades son necesarias para su mantenimiento, pasando por qué modelos de negocio impulsarán la monetización y la mejora de la experiencia del cliente.

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[Innovation Series] 3 Steps for Growing Your Contract Renewal Rates in 2020


Service contracts have a significant impact on your business growth, but keeping accurate service contracts, warranties, and maintenance plans across customers and locations is difficult to do. In this livecast, we will cover steps that you can take to drive improved contract renewal rates. Learn from Servicemax experts Susan Tonkin and Lacy Cotton-Hodgson.

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ServiceMax Launch 19.3


Establishing the right business processes in the field helps you utilize your workforce most effectively and empowers people to do their best work; ultimately leading to higher productivity and better customer satisfaction. View our 19.3 release webinar to learn more about the innovations that help you build out, adjust, and enforce business processes.

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[Innovation Series] Your 2020 Must-Haves for a Profitable Service Business


Join our field service experts Daniel Brabec and Sam Neva to learn about the tactics that equipment-centric companies are using to make service profitable. This recorded livecast covers: various methods service organizations are using to drive profitability, how to monetize your installed base using service contracts/entitlements, and examples of companies who have turned service from a cost center to a profit center.

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[Innovation Series] How Real-Time Communication Can Supercharge Technician Productivity


We kicked off the Innovation Series with a live conversation with our new Head of Innovation, John Stetic! Watch the on-demand recording of "How Real-Time Communication can Supercharge Technician Productivity" to learn more about: Three mobile trends to supercharge employee productivity, how real-time information is a game-changer for field technicians and a peek into the future of how AI can positively impact service metrics.

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Impulsa la Transformación de los Servicios Digitales


A medida que las empresas buscan transformar digitalmente sus organizaciones de servicios, deben mirar más allá de la tecnología por sí solas para realizar operaciones de servicio más rentables y eficientes.

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ServiceMax Launch 19.1


In the quest for revenue growth, service organizations are determined to improve customer experience through innovation, ultimately increasing profitability, offering new products, and entering new markets. Critical to any service innovation undertaking is a service execution platform that is equally as innovative.

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Servicemax Field Service Management Product Demo


View this product demo webinar to see ServiceMax in action! On average, our customers achieve an average increase in service revenue by 10% and increased productivity by 19%. Are you ready to see how ServiceMax can help you achieve these results?

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Untapped Potential: The 5 Sustainability Opportunities for Service Execution


Companies that are committed to sustainability are increasingly efficient, use fewer resources, create less waste to generate a unit of revenue, and produce higher returns on investment. In fact, Aberdeen found that nearly half of the Best-in-Class companies currently have a service-specific sustainability initiative in place. More telling than current adoption rates is the reason why organizations are looking to sustainability initiatives in the first place - to increase productivity and resource utilization, enhance speed of service delivery, and eliminate service-related costs.

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Optimizing Service Delivery for Industrial Manufacturers and Asset Operators


All manufacturer operations – from pharmaceutical manufacturers to power plant operations to energy producers and everyone in between -- need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, you can provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators. Join this webinar from ServiceMax to learn how to improve your service execution.

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¿Qué solución de gestión de contratistas de servicio in situ es la más adecuada para usted?


Successfully outsourcing field service work to contractors is more than just handing off work orders to third-party technicians. To get it right, you need to be aware of common contractor engagement models, as well as their uses cases and limitations. View this 30-minute webinar to understand the growing adoption of outsourcing by TSIA Field Services members and the primary drivers for these initiatives. You’ll also learn how to get a jumpstart on developing your field work outsourcing strategy. Using practical customer examples, we will take a close look at the pros, the cons, and lessons learned.

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Optimizing Service Delivery For Asset Operators


Whether you are in the business of running a power plant, developing an oil field or operating a fleet of aircraft, mission critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, companies provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators.

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Mejore la Seguridad y el Cumplimiento del Servicio de Mantenimiento Industrial en un 12% con las Herramientas Digitales


Los profesionales de servicio de mantenimiento y asistencia técnica en industrias reguladas entienden la importancia de seguir procesos prescritos y capturar información precisa. Los errores en las operaciones y los datos pueden significar un desastre grave. ServiceMax y ProntoForms se están uniendo para ayudar a los equipos a entregar un servicio compatible en todo momento.

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El auge de la Fuerza de la Gravedad de los Activos y los Datos de Servicio


Los activos y los datos de servicio están desempeñando un papel más estratégico en la empresa en general, no solo en las operaciones. Los activos y datos de servicio contienen información sin explotar para casi todas las líneas de negocios: también tienen un gran impacto en la efectividad global de los equipos en términos de rendimiento, capacidad, calidad y tiempo de actividad. El aumento de esta "fuerza de gravedad entre los activos y datos de servicio" está cambiando la forma en que las empresas ven y monetizan sus operaciones de servicio y se alimenta de contratos basados en resultados y el valor agregado de estos activos y

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Service Transformation for Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Operators


In this webinar recording, learn how ServiceMax can be used specifically in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility operations such as refining, gas processing, petrochemical and more. Phil Schwarz, Oil & Gas Product Marketing Director at ServiceMax, discusses the role of a field service management platform within the context of Digital Transformation and how it can impact your business and operations immediately and into the future.

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3 Formas para Superar los Desafíos del Servicio Proactivo


Para 2020, habrá 20 mil millones de dispositivos conectados con IoT. La administración de servicio de asistencia técnica y mantenimiento es una aplicación de primer orden para IoT con datos de equipo precisos para optimizar la entrega del servicio. Únase a ServiceMax y TSIA para conocer cómo "Connected Field Service" ofrece una productividad superior y resultados de experiencia del cliente. Podrás ver cómo desbloquear nuevos modelos de servicio, habilitar modelos de mantenimiento proactivo y aprovechar los datos para lograr resultados de servicio proactivos.

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[Maxpert] - Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies


Learn about ServiceMax IoT integration architecture and how organizations are blending and mining data to deliver recurring value. Service organizations are able to switch to proactive and even predictive service models to guarantee customer outcomes—uninterrupted equipment uptime and exceptional customer experience.

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