Westmor designs and manufactures a full line of petroleum and liquid handling parts. Their products and services include bobtails, bulk plants, c-store construction management, c-store technical service, fueling systems, and truck tanks. Industries like petroleum, propane, biofuels, aviation, transportation, and agronomy utilize their product and services.


Westmor Industries

Oil & Gas

201–500 employees

Morris, Minnesota


“What ServiceMax has brought to Westmor is monumental. We went from walking papers back and forth from department to department to getting real time information in all departments.”

Mark Kragenbring
Field Service Operations Manager

ServiceMax Customer Video - Westmor


Prior to ServiceMax, it took Westmor weeks to get work orders and paperwork back into the office. This manual process was not only time consuming, but error prone as well. As information was passed along through pen and paper, phone calls, or faxes, details were easily missed or interpreted incorrectly.

“An employee would answer the phone and write down the customer problem. As you know people can only write so fast, so a lot of times they could not keep up with the information. You could see that from the time the customer called in to the time the info got to the service technician, a lot of facts got lost in the shuffle,” explained Mark.

As Westmor continued to grow, they knew their manual processes were not scalable to support revenue growth.


Westmor took advantage of ServiceMax’s offline capabilities, which allowed technicians to input all their data and not worry about lost information, even in remote areas. They have their system set up so that every 30 minutes their data is synced from their iPads, which they said is working “flawlessly.”

ServiceMax not only allows Westmor to communicate information effectively, but it also provides insight into new information, like technician billable time, job statuses, and real-time updates. This new insight is shared among technicians, dispatchers, parts management, sales, and billing.

Westmor uses DataGuide to increase ease of compliance with regulatory and business needs, reduce administrative time, and increase employee satisfaction. With DataGuide’s advanced forms and document generation, technicians can efficiently capture and present data in support of a variety of tasks such as inspection, maintenance, and safety. Auto-populating fields allow technicians to focus on the information critical to the job at hand. The ease of DataGuide forms, combined with the power of integrated ServiceMax data served up in Go, delivers an experience for their field technicians that boosts their productivity and eliminates costly errors in their service data.

“We have a lot of regulation in the fuel industry that we have to maintain… There can be up to 8 docs needed to fill out after one test which can be very frustrating for the tech in the field to fill out the name of the location, the address and phone number every single time — now with DataGuide, having the ability for all that stuff to auto populate since it is already linked to the work order, we are just filling in the information we came to get, not all the tedious stuff!

DataGuide is helpful because forms are automatically suggested to the tech, fields are pre-populated, and they get sent directly to the government agency — ultimately, automating the whole process!”

Zach Arnold
Field Service Manager


Service is no longer a highly manual process. With the help of ServiceMax’s mobile tools, technician utilization has increased by 20% and saved 10 hours per week.

Better utilized technicians have also contributed to an increase in Westmor’s first-time fix rate and customer satisfaction. “As Westmor continues to grow our geographic regions, the use of ServiceMax makes our processes scalable, and technicians and call center agents can react to customers in real time.”

With the help of ServiceMax, Westmor continues to distance themselves from their competitors and stand out in their industry. “ServiceMax has enabled Westmor to operate on the next level. In our industry, service really drives sales. Which is why we invested in service, because the better our service department is the better our sales and customer satisfaction will be.”

“Our partnership with ServiceMax has created a game-changing experience for both our customers and technicians.

Westmor is proud to be able to track warranty terms for all of our customer’s products whether we have installed them or not. This ensures our customers are not invoiced for anything that is covered under a manufacturer warranty.”

Zach Arnold
Field Service Manager

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