ServiceMax Maximizes Efficiency, Safety and Productivity for the Daily Maintenance of Rail Transportation

Increase In Technician Productivity
Decrease In Safety Incidents
Decrease In Repair Time

ServiceMax is a cloud-based maintenance delivery system, which can support the management of signal, track, bridge, communication, and wayside equipment maintenance. It is designed specifically to support the daily maintenance delivery operations of freight railways large and small, transit, commuter/passenger rail and light rail customers.

ServiceMax also provides a comprehensive, mobile, cloud-based platform to enable service teams to Set Priorities for Reactive Repair, Make Choices, Plan Audits, Analyze Data, Implement Corrective Actions for Preventive and Condition Based Repair and Forecast Failures for Predictive Repair

We have over 400 Customers in 40 Countries using our comprehensive product suite of functionality for Field Service Management. Today, we’re managing over 150 million assets and 2.5 million mobile syncs each day used at 30 million locations.

ServiceMax - Field Born, Field Tested
ServiceMax - Field Born, Field Tested

Reduce Errors | Maximize Productivity | Lower Costs

Faster return to service | Information optimized | Offline visibility | Increased safety | Real-time sharing
Set priorities. Make choices. Plan audits. Analyze data. Select and implement corrective actions.

Rail Transformation

Configuration Management System

  • Manages component configurations and rule guidelines
  • Integrated with signal maintenance activities
  • Offers reporting access to information requested during regulatory activities
  • Turnkey solution for managing wayside locations, on-board
  • PTC equipment, spares, service bulletins, application software and plans
Signal Tests & Inspection

  • Manages tests, inspections, guidelines and interactions
  • Manages assets by location or organizational assignment
  • Offers instant access to information requested during inspection activities
  • Drives productivity with employee scorecards reporting on-time inspections
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Effectively manages Service Bulletins
Track Inspection & Defect Remediation
  • Manages track inspections and recorded defects, including the Remediation Contractors
  • Graphical track representation & records GPS coordinates on reported defects
  • Offers instant access to information requested during inspection activities
  • Improved regulatory compliance with instant compliance reviews
  • Speeds management review into track and defect reports

Service Transformation

1 Reactive

  • Maintenance Crew Scheduling
  • Maintenance Crew Dispatch
  • Maintenance Crew Project Management
  • Powerful dispatch console
  • Mobile checklist
  • Off-line mobile Solution
  • Configurable Service Flow Manager
  • Work Order Debrief
  • Dependent Job Scheduling
  • Offline App-to-App Collaboration
  • Configurable KPI dashboard
  • Installed Base Management
  • Field Connected Products
  • Predicted Time to Service
  • ERP Integration
  • Drag and Drop UI

2 Preventive

  • Maintenance crew optimization
  • Optimization software
  • Process machine data learning
  • Asset usage
  • Multi-dimension contract pricing
  • Track profitability
  • Labor, Parts, Expenses applied to product data
  • Time-based SLA's tracked for contract compliance
  • Offline Access to specific maintenance information
  • Customization of service flow
  • Link Rail fault data to specific maintenance actions
  • Configure Service Flow Once - Deploy anywhere

3 Condition-Based

  • Monitor corrective actions for compliance
  • Maintain technician skills certification and locations
  • Track service histories as maintained products & parts
  • Manage job processes for compliance and audits
  • Track key service indicators
  • Maintain service offerings, term & levels
  • Real time diagnostic data
  • Local work flow caching for remote performance
  • Upload Videos/Photos to Mobile Checklists

4 Predictive

  • Enable outcome-based business models from IIoT devices
  • Monitor and model asset conditions
  • Manage alerts for predictive service
  • Configure service delivery process on-demand
  • Manage multiple devices and platforms
  • AutoFill forms from assets
  • Collect data from asset and initiate service request
  • IIoT (i.e. Predix) infrastructure connects devices and gathers information
  • Asset Performance Management that applies the predictive analytics
  • Service delivery software based on actionable insights from connected devices.

Digital Transformation