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Alcon develops and manufactures innovative medicines and devices to serve the full lifecycle of eye care needs. As the team looked to transform their service business into a profit center, they sought out a single, asset-centric field service management platform that would allow them to meet compliance regulations, standardize, automate, and equip engineers with the tools needed to deliver the highest level of service possible.



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MMI is home to the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. The Symani Surgical System offers motion scaling and tremor elimination and aims to facilitate existing procedures as well as enable new ones in the domain of microsurgery, from post-oncological and trauma reconstructions to ophthalmology, organ transplantation and pediatric surgery. As MMI looked to launch this new technology to the market, they knew they needed a sustainable and scalable solution for the field service organization. As with many medical device companies, being able to ensure maximum system up-time and provide customers with outstanding technical support was critical to their mission and success.

Lowry Solutions


  • Information Technology & Business Services

Lowry Solutions specializes in full lifecycle traceability of customer assets, which requires sophisticated IoT platforms to power the services they provide. Lowry's previously siloed systems left them with incomplete and disparate data. As the business grew and evolved, and they diversified their products and services, Lowry knew they had to streamline and consolidate their IT systems and internal processes. At the same time, they were looking to generate additional revenue through service contracts by improving entitlement visibility while increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Lowry Solutions chose a comprehensive field service solution, delivered by Bolt Data, using Salesforce Field Service and ServiceMax Asset 360 to address the above challenges, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

フォレスター社調査報告 2019


フォレスター社調査報告のエグゼクティブサマリについて: 産業サービスのデジタル化は新たなスキルが求められ、就労モデルの組み合わせにより、将来の人材確保を形作ります。 デジタルトランスフォーメーションへの注力は、機器のデータをインサイト、新たなビジネスモデルの検討、そしてデジタルテクノロジー実装することに利用するということに対する会社の関心を高めました。 企業は自社製品の製品寿命の向上と顧客満足度および収益への影響に対してより理解しようとしています。



IDCのプログラムディレクターであり、サービスイノベーションとプログラム製品ディレクターでもあるAly Pinder氏は、ServiceMaxが提唱する5つの質問に答えます。 彼の答えは適切な分野を強調し、実行可能な推奨事項を提供します。




Strengthen your Field Service Solution with Asset-Centric Capabilities


Field service is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complicated. Technology innovation, customer expectations, industry dynamics, and new business models are requiring new approaches to how work is executed on the front lines. ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce helps users of Salesforce Field Service address new complex service use cases and derive even more value from their deployments. Asset 360 complements Salesforce’s leading appointment-centric capabilities with ServiceMax’s equipment-centric capabilities in areas such as complex processes, entitlements, and asset visibility. The solution truly delivers a 10x experience.

ServiceMax Engage


複雑な資産の所有者と運営者は、サービスプロセスの可視性とエンゲージの向上を更に望んでおります。 ServiceMax Engageは直感的なモバイルアプリで、フィールドサービス組織とアセットオーナーやオペレーターを接続し、サービスの可視性を高め、エンド顧客の体験を向上し、資産データの質を確保します。

ServiceMax Partner XCELLENCE Program Enablement Journey


ServiceMax Systems Integrators and Consulting Partners enable our clients to digitally transform their business to deliver an unparalleled solution that drives operational efficiency with 360-degree view of assets. To improve the quality of services provided and create long lasting relationship with our partners, ServiceMax partner enablement and success journey is focused on building capacity and competency with Asset 360.

Listen To Your Assets - How your installed equipment assets will become your most important services consultant


  • Service Transformation

The adoption of the internet of things (IoT) and the corresponding increased availability of real time asset data are enabling a transformation in the Field Services equipment and asset maintenance arena. Companies that are leveraging the ability to connect to, and pull performance data from their assets - “listening” to their assets - are finding a road map to increased confidence in their asset’s performance, a much better insight into their asset’s maintenance needs, and an understanding of how to leverage those things into more comprehensive, integrated, and valuable customer solutions. In this session we will look at the ways the organizations are learning from their install base and growing their business.

Digital Transformation Featuring Kodak Alaris


  • Customer Experience
  • Productivity / Efficiency / Operation Excellence
  • Service Transformation

View this webinar to learn how ServiceMax customer Kodak Alaris was able to improve their customer satisfaction, service productivity, and utilization by consolidating and digitizing their workflow.

Building a Resilient Service Experience with Asset 360


  • Service Transformation
  • Thought Leadership

Companies across all industries are having to reimagine how they operate. Requirements for equipment performance have intensified, while customer expectations continue to rise. To succeed and remain competitive, organizations must advance beyond the standard break-fix model to ensure uptime for important assets in a safe and compliant manner. Service teams must prioritize efficient asset performance, as well as the customer experience they provide. Listen to Mark Cattini, Salesforce, Stacey Epstein, ServiceMax, and Kate Leggett, Forrester.

SERVICEMAXはフィールドサービスマネジメント領域の2021 ガートナー マジック・クアドラントでリーダーに選出されました


“Other providers measure themselves against the Leaders and emulate their strategies and tactics. Leaders demonstrate market strength, based on installed-base depth, and they affect market trends in terms of all the criteria by which they are evaluated. Leaders’ software users often consider that they are gaining a competitive advantage over others in their industry.” *Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management”, 31 August 2021, Jim Robinson, Naved Rashid

Augmented Reality & The Future of Field Service


Augmented reality (AR) technology blends the real and digital worlds by overlaying digital information or objects within a person’s current view, enhancing the viewer’s experience. The most familiar examples of AR are consumer-based, such as Nintendo’s Pokemon Go and Google Translate. However, the field of "industrial AR"—using the technology to solve industry problems in manufacturing and service—is growing steadily in part due to technology gains and greater understanding of the potential benefits.

Gartner Critical Capabilities for Field Service Management, 2020


ServiceMax scored highest (4.04/5) for Equipment-Centric: Complex Service and Support Use Case in new Gartner report. Gartner Critical Capabilities for Field Service Management, 2020 evaluates vendor products for 3 common use cases using 9 product capabilities.

ServiceMax Live: Scale Up Your Service Business: Asset 360 Summer ‘21


In our Asset 360 Summer ’21 release, we are launching features that allow asset-centric organizations to scale the field service business by improving their service teams’ efficiency and work quality.

ServiceMax Live: 2021 Chief Service Officer Report


Sumair Dutta, Daniel Brabec, and Sara Cerruti discuss some of the top priorities for CSOs in 2020, a few of their favorite takeaways from the report, and what they would invest in if they were a Chief Service Officer.

ServiceMax Live: Asset 360 Spring ’21 is here!


The latest installment of the ServiceMax and Salesforce partnership delivers innovations that drive value for our customers by focusing on three tenets: visibility, asset uptime and profitability.