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ServiceMax for Utility Mobile Workforce Management


ServiceMax Field Service Software is the core of GE’s Utility Mobile Workforce Management solution, ensuring utility workers are digitally-enabled workers. Integrations with critical utility applications optimize execution of both short cycle operations—emergency work, meter services, compliance jobs, maintenance and inspection—and long cycle operations, such as outage management, that encompass multiple days, tasks, and people.

ServiceMax Asset Service Management


Service execution for asset-heavy operators. Whether you are running a power plant, developing an oilfield, or servicing an aircraft, your critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. ServiceMax Asset Service Management (ASM) delivers a modern service execution experience built for today’s teams. To get the most out of your assets, it is important to get the most out of the people who operate and maintain them.

Predix ServiceMax Field Service Management


ServiceMax is the leader in Field Service Management. Our solution enables organizations to drive new sources of revenue, increase efficiencies in their service operations, and expand both customer satisfaction and overall market differentiation.

Predix APM and ServiceMax for the Digital Oilfield


A Complete Predictive Service Solution for Oil and Gas Producers. For decades, oil and gas producers have been seeking to move closer to a real-time asset management strategy. The missing link has been a seamless solution that incorporates predictive failure analysis, actionable equipment insights, and the ability to equip field personnel with the right information they need to execute more work, better work, and safer work. Like never before, oil and gas producers can take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect production equipment, collect a wealth of actionable asset insights, and take proactive action on those insights.

ServiceMax Application Services


Change is inevitable. Your day-to-day service delivery cannot afford to stay the same when customers demand more and competitors move in. So, how do you keep your technology aligned with best practices that drive optimal outcomes for your new business plans? And, how do you continuously utilize ServiceMax innovations that keep you ahead of the competition?

Contractor Management with ServiceMax Partner Community


Boost the flexibility of your field workforce with third-party technicians. In field service, it is all about the customer focus, their experience is the measure of your success. To increase your geographical coverage, to meet seasonal demand, or for specific types of work, you may need a capacity boost from third-party technicians. Or you outsource all your field service activities to contracted partners. ServiceMax Partner Community addresses your demand for real-time visibility into your partners’ operations to ensure their accountability, and your customers’ experience. It makes your service channel transparent and lets you securely share information with your partners, empowering them to deliver great service on your behalf.

ServiceMax for Aviation


Maintenance. Repair. Overhaul. Maximized. From the turbo-supercharger to the world's most powerful commercial jet engine, GE's history in aviation spans more than 90 years of aviation innovation.

Predix ServiceMax for Oil, Gas & Chemical Facilities


Oil and gas facilities of all types are under constant pressure. Refineries, gas processing facilities, petrochemical plants, liquified natural gas facilities, and others are challenged with minimizing unplanned shutdowns, increasing throughput, controlling quality, and reducing safety and compliance incidents. Operations and maintenance strategies are integral to achieving these demands so that assets are maintained closer to real-time. Integrating these strategies into a digital transformation journey will drive the business outcomes you’ve set out to achieve.

ServiceMax for the High Technology Industry


Manufacturers of high technology products are under pressure from rapidly evolving market conditions. Increasing competition, the entry of new products, and the need to accelerate innovation is raising R&D costs while making technology blockbusters obsolete faster than ever. As a result, businesses have to balance extending the life of existing products in order to generate revenue, while also planning new product introductions to retain relevance among consumers. In addition, Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Value-added resellers (VARs), and Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) are also facing tighter service agreements and raising customer expectations.

Predix ServiceMax for Industrial Manufacturers


Industrial manufacturers are in a unique position to harness the power of aftermarket service: no matter what you manufacture and sell – agriculture or food machinery, process control equipment, standard machine tools or specialty pumps - your products need service. The question is, how will you take advantage of the opportunity to grow your service business and contribute to your company’s bottom line?

ServiceMax for the Telecom Industry


The Telecom industry is at an unprecedented crossroads. Carriers are constantly challenged to rationalize networks and offer improved and expanded services to end customers—through the use of small cells, network densification (adding more cells to serve more customers), and spectrum efficiency improvements.

ServiceMax Customer Communities


Transform your customers’ experience and rein in your service delivery cost. In field service, the customer is front and center in everything you do. In fact, the success of your business depends on the strength of your interactions with your customers and their experience with you.

ServiceMax for Life Sciences and Medical Equipment Manufacturers


Human lives and wellness depend on medical equipment uptime. A malfunction or unscheduled downtime can lead to treatment delays, penalties to the service organization, or in the worst case, harm to a patient. Field service teams of Life Sciences and Medical Equipment manufacturers are under pressure to not only staff highly certified engineers but also ensure that the right engineers deliver timely and compliant equipment maintenance. In an era of shrinking product margins, many companies are finding service to be a competitive differentiator. It can open doors to longer contracts, larger upsells, and deeper customer relationships.

ServiceMax for Wind Power


Wind power has come of age. The industry will surpass 500 gigawatts of installed wind capacity in 2017; 300 of those gigawatts have been added since 2010. This rapid growth has created enormous demand for wind operations, maintenance, and repair services. Globally the wind O&M market is projected to double from $14B to $28B by 2025. In the US, the wind turbine technician is projected to be the fastest-growing occupation through 2026.

ServiceMax Scheduling & Dispatch


Gain maximum resource efficiency for any service demand . In field service, getting the right technician or field engineer to the right job at the right time with the right parts and information is critical. You want to respond immediately and offer the best customer schedule, but you also need to ensure that your field service teams – either your employees or your partners’ —are utilized efficiently; minimizing long drive times and white space in their schedules. And of course, just any technician won’t do. To schedule and dispatch the right technician, you need to quickly understand and balance availability, eligibility, service level agreements and skill inventories. Planned requests for maintenance, as well as unplanned requests coming from your customers and directly from IoT-enabled devices, or self-dispatching need to be worked into engineers’ schedules.

ServiceMax Analytics


Boost revenue and profitability by gaining insight into your service operations. To run a successful field service organization, you can’t rely on "gut feel" – you need data. Understanding key performance metrics (KPIs) and tracking them closely is imperative to identifying strengths and improving weaknesses in your service operations.

Asset Performance Management and ServiceMax from GE Digital


Equipment manufacturers are taking advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect their installed bases and collect a wealth of data never accessed before. Their engineering organizations are using IIoT technologies to improve products by understanding how equipment is used in real-world conditions, and their after-sales service teams are using IIoT and big data technologies to predict and prevent unexpected customer downtime–driving satisfaction and service profits.

ServiceMax for the Digital Oilfield


The term ‘digital oilfield’ is used to describe the vision of real-time asset management for optimal oil & gas production and field management. Many oil & gas operating companies, large & small, have taken the initial steps to instrument and automate wellsites for remote monitoring & control. ServiceMax will help you take that next step in the transformation of your oilfield operations toward real-time asset management.

ServiceMax Field Service University


Our ServiceMax training professionals are not only focused on software application knowledge, but also on field service domain proficiency. Our group of service experts have hundreds of years of service experience collectively and have compiled their learnings into courses for the field service community.

ServiceMax for Solar Power


Solar power has experienced dramatic technological advances, cost reductions, and market growth over the past ten years. As solar scales so too does the importance of servicing solar technology to ensure uptime and minimize costs. Solar service delivery is ready for a digital transformation to drive more uptime, lower service costs, and increase revenue.

ServiceMax for Mining


The mining industry is undergoing a profound transformation, shaped by technological, social, environmental, and market trends. Volatility in commodity types, aging equipment, workforce fluctuations, as well as competitive pressures are building the imperative for digital transformation. To stay ahead of the game...

ServiceMax for Oilfield Services


No matter the oilfield service: seismic, drilling, oilfield fluids, reservoir evaluation, stimulation, completions, or well intervention, ServiceMax is designed to optimize oilfield service operations. ServiceMax can help you deliver flawless oilfield service delivery and transform your service organization.

ServiceMax for Inspection and Testing Services


Whether it’s machinery safety, measuring devices, lifting equipment, pressure equipment, fire safety equipment, mechanical welds, or electrical installations: no matter the assets being inspected, ServiceMax can help deliver flawless inspections and transform your service organization.

ServiceMax for Power and Utilities


Performance, Reliability and Safety at an Economic O&M

ServiceMax On-Demand Learning


ServiceMax on-demand courses and online exams bring the classroom to you. By taking advantage of our Product Certification Program courses and exams in the comfort of your own home or office, you skip the hassle of travel or strict schedules.

ServiceMax Premier Support


Beyond traditional support, ServiceMax Premier helps to ensure ServiceMax is adopted and utilized to its fullest potential, and delivers on your service delivery goals.

Schedule Optimization


Customers expect uninterrupted and optimized asset performance. Getting the right engineer to the right job at the right time with the right parts and information can be hard even for a small company, let alone for field service organizations with thousands of engineers worldwide. Planned requests for maintenance, as well as unplanned requests coming from your customers and directly from IoT-enabled devices, need to be worked into your engineers’ schedules.

ServiceMax Product Certification


The ServiceMax Product Certification Program provides customers flexible learning options that ensure confidence and mastery in the administration and use of the ServiceMax application.

ServiceMax Education Services


ServiceMax Education Services empowers the people at the center of your project – your core implementation team, business subject matters experts, super users and all employees.

ServiceMax Strategic Services


Engaging with the ServiceMax Strategic Services team of experts means you'll get access to more than 20 years of enterprise software implementation experience.

ServiceMax Installed Base App


ServiceMax Installed Base App—a smart, fast and easy to use mobile app that gives you visibility into your installed base, whether Internet connectivity is available or not.

ServiceMax Best Practice Implementation


ServiceMax Best Practice Implementation Say goodbye to disconnected systems, stand-alone worksheets, scheduling software and corporate databases.

Connected Field Service


ServiceMax Marketplace


The ServiceMax Marketplace is a one-stop shop for innovative field service applications, hardware, expert and consulting services.

ServiceMax Mobile


Hands down, ServiceMax offers the only field ready mobile solution for iOS, Android or Windows Desktop that not only includes scheduling and routing capabilities, but also everything else an engineer needs – online or off, to complete jobs the first time and improve customers’ experiences.

Service Contracts


The ability to offer a range of targeted service offerings for different customer segments is key to service growth.

ServiceMax for Oil & Gas


ServiceMax helps oil & gas companies – such as oilfield service providers, refineries, and exploration and production companies – deliver fast and effective service.