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GE Healthcare Improves Scheduling to Deliver Faster, Better Service with Service Board


As a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services.

Un-Silo Service Data


Breaking down data silos and providing service data to functions across the enterprise supports key decision-making at all levels and accelerates digital transformation.

Schneider Electric: Business Transformation on a Global Scale


  • Oil & Energy

Schneider Electric harvests the benefits of ServiceMax field service management software to ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment via energy management and automation solutions.

Asset Data Drives Value Across the Organization


Discover how asset data drives value from your front-line and operational teams to your strategic and management teams.

Manufacturing Leader 3D Systems Increases Uptime, Drives Improved Service Profitability with ServiceMax & Aquant


  • Mechanical or Industrial Manufacturing

To ensure that 3D Systems' customer service matches the quality and speed of their printing capabilities, they turned to ServiceMax and its partner Aquant.

Field Service of the Future: Trends to Watch


Take a look at the 20 trends that are essential to the survival of all industrial organizations in the competitive service business landscape.

Total Cost of Building Business Applications: How to Create a Comprehensive ROI Calculation


When considering to Build vs. Buy, you must consider all implications, especially those hiding beneath the surface. We created a model to help identify and uncover how far the iceberg extends under the waterline, in other words—make the hidden cost elements visible.

Four Strategies to Improve Cash Flow


Managing and being able to improve cash flow can be a challenging task for any energy service provider. Sometimes cash flows out of the company faster than it comes in. Improving cash flow is pertinent for a company’s long-term success. Businesses may be efficient in managing cash flow, but it’s still important to constantly improve and build on good practices to ensure continued success.

FieldFX E-ticketing Reduced EnviroVac’s DSO By Over 50%


Learn how EnviroVac was able to reduce their DSO by more than 50%, eliminate revenue leakage and increase the efficiency of their cash collection with FieldFX.

How CEDA Overcame Overpriced & Inefficient Legacy Software


Learn how CEDA was able to eliminate revenue leakage, accelerate cash collection and reduce their DSO with FieldFX.

Expro Streamlines Inefficiencies with FieldFX


Expro was looking to overcome inefficiencies with a central and standardized system. They sought out FieldFX to help them overcome these challenges.

FieldFX Quote-to-Cash


The quote-to-cash process is at the heart of every service provider’s business. Crucial data from sales, operations, and finance is needed in order to create an end-to-end process. Learn how FieldFX can help different roles that are a part of the quote-to-cash process.

FX EAM: The Solution Built for Every Role


Field service companies are asset-intensive and rely on assets to stay operational. Enterprise asset management (EAM) is critical to their success. Providing process and intelligence for physical assets allows for increased equipment reliability, systematic preventative and predictive maintenance, and efficient inventory management.

The 5 Stages of Field Service Maturity


Field service maturity is all about organizations graduating from basic and manual field tasks to automated field service management processes. Being able to transition from performing field services via paper tickets, to delivering resolutions that are optimized via technology and big data, is the key to achieving field service maturity.

The Top 5 Enterprise Asset Management Challenges


The experts behind FieldFX talked to a variety of industry service companies to discover their most common asset management challenges.

Why Asset & Service Data Makes You Smarter


Connected asset and service data holds insights far beyond the service department, providing a better business lens for almost every other line of business.

Digital Transformation Solar System


Data is one of the key driving forces underpinning the modern-day economy, but asset and service data specifically is absolutely crucial. Organizations collect, aggregate and analyze plenty of it, but the way in which they do this can either be the catalyst for them soaring above their competitors, or it can be the iceberg that causes their ship to sink.

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