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ServiceMax's Professional Services


ServiceMax's Professional Services offers a broad range of customizable services, project management capabilities, and advanced toolsets that support a customer on their journey to plan, implement, adopt, maintain or grow their ServiceMax solution. Professional Services connects the dots between your business processes, your desired outcomes and the ServiceMax product functionality to provide an optimized service execution management business.

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The 5 Sustainability Opportunities for Field Service


Companies that are committed to sustainability are increasingly efficient, use fewer resources, create less waste to generate a unit of revenue, and produce higher returns on investment. In fact, Aberdeen found that nearly half of the Best-in-Class companies currently have a service-specific sustainability initiative in place. More telling than current adoption rates is the reason why organizations are looking to sustainability initiatives in the first place - to increase productivity and resource utilization, enhance speed of service delivery, and eliminate service-related costs.

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Accelerate Your Field Service Outcomes with Mobility


Discover how service leaders can succeed better by expanding their understanding of the key drivers for field service mobility, the considerations for choosing the right field service mobile solution and the business benefits of a mobile-first strategy.

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Descripción de ServiceMax


ServiceMax es el líder en el servicio de asistencia técnica y de mantenimiento. Nuestra solución permite a las organizaciones impulsar nuevas fuentes de ingresos, aumentar la eficiencia en sus operaciones de servicio y expandir tanto la satisfacción del cliente como la diferenciación general del mercado.

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El Futuro de la gestión de las piezas de repuesto: Disrupción, Oportunidad e Innovación.


En ServiceMax, creemos que brindar a los técnicos en la industria una visibilidad completa de las piezas de repuesto, en todo momento, es primordial para mejorar la tasa de reparación de la primera visita y mejorar la satisfacción del cliente, así como el flujo de tesorería.