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Analyst Research
IDC MarketScape Names PTC a Leader in SLM Platforms


PTC is once again positioned in the Leaders Category in this latest 2023–2024 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) platforms. Read this excerpt to gain insights on the increasing importance of picking an SLM vendor that delivers a complete suite of service capabilities, can be implemented at scale, and has what it takes to future proof your service operations.

Analyst Research
Frost & Sullivan: 2023 Enabling Technology Leadership Award


Frost & Sullivan has recognized ServiceMax – specifically our FieldFX product – for excellence in Field Service Management (FSM) in the Oil & Gas industry.

The Impact of Digital Transformation on Service Organizations


Explore the four key ways that ServiceMax customers have used their digital transformations to improve business outcomes, with a look at the real-world metrics, including increasing revenue and NPS scores, improving first-time fix rates, and more.

Discover the Power of Asset Data Across the Organization


From the front-line to senior management, asset data visibility is critical to drive essential decision-making throughout the asset lifecycle and enables teams around the organization to perform their jobs more effectively.

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IDC Analyst Connection: Don't Let Your Service Platform Limit Your Innovation


In an increasingly competitive environment, delivering a superior customer experience is critical – and one way companies can ensure their customers’ expectations are met is by working with experienced solution providers, versus trying to build solutions in-house.

Analyst Research
Transforming Field Service with Emerging Technologies


WBR Insights surveyed 100 IT, operations, service, and support leaders from across the U.S. and Canada to learn how field service organizations’ technology strategies have changed over the past year.

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Refining Digital Transformation through Asset Centricity


Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores the market factors and customer expectations driving digital transformation across organizations with equipment and assets, as well the definition of an asset-centric, life-cycle approach enabled by service.

The Power of Asset Data


Organizations can obtain great value from increasing the availability of asset data across the organization to critical stakeholders. In a recent research project conducted by Field Service News of over 230 service leaders, those that were sharing asset data saw higher performance levels when it came to key business metrics such as revenue growth, margin attainment, and customer satisfaction.

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Benchmarking Report: The Impact of Asset Data Flow Beyond the Silo of Field Service Operations


ServiceMax partnered with Field Service News in a recent research project to understand how often and efficiently asset data is used within service organizations—or does the data remain within a silo of operations which can stall or prevent innovation and digital transformation.

Analyst Research
The First Annual Chief Service Officer Report


Authored by Worldwide Business Research and sponsored by ServiceMax, the report underscores the growing prevalence of the service department as a center for revenue growth and the Chief Service Officer (CSO) as a leader in driving the organization’s approach to customer experience.

Back to Service Basics: 5 Foundational Areas for Digital Transformation


Learn how to drive operational efficiency, deliver peak service and asset performance, and improve customer experience

The Asset Data Thread - The Evolving Role of Field Service


Bain & Company recently conducted a research to uncover details about the future of field service. In this POV, we share 6 major takeaways from the research and 10 actions organizations can prioritize to continue providing superior service.

Building a Bridge Between Sales & Service with Asset Data


Today, large quantities of data are collected in the field and tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are allowing service organizations to generate models and prescribe predictive maintenance schedules to devices, optimizing uptime. However, there is untapped potential in this data. Service data can also be leveraged for smart marketing and sales, and for enhancing the customer experience. With this data, assets themselves are now critical for driving smarter operations and realizing new opportunities for revenue generation and margin contribution.

Bain Brief: Field Service Is Changing Rapidly. Can You Keep Up?


This global study explores the future of service, organization maturity, and trends across commercial, operations, and technology areas, as well as key challenges and enablers in the field service arena.

Emerging Technologies in Field Service


The CTOs, innovation leaders, and field service teams that put new, cutting-edge technologies into service last year have just scratched the surface of what these digital tools can accomplish. This special version of the annual “Emerging Technologies” field service report will explore the sophistication of field service teams’ technology programs, revealing how organizations are tracking the status and reliability of their assets while meeting customer demands for service using new software and hardware.

The 2021 CSO Report: A Comprehensive Guide for Chief Service Officers Globally


The CSO Report offers a summary of the major themes, challenges, initiatives, and opportunities gathered from ServiceMax’s growing global community of Chief Service Officers.

Medical Technology Field Service in the Post-COVID Healthcare Environment


In this report, WBR Insights along with Field Service Medical, explores some of the key steps medical service organizations are taking within the current moment in time, including how they’re deploying monitoring technologies and how they’re adapting to the expanding homecare market. Learn how Field Service organizations are working to address challenges with innovative strategies, and how your organization can do the same.

The Value of Integrations


Managing a large number and variety of integrations is critical to realizing the value of ServiceMax’s Field Service Management solutions. Serving as an execution platform, ServiceMax can – through integrations – provide the information needed by customer service agents, technicians and service engineers, back office support staff, procurement/supply chain personnel, and/or the finance team to effectively and efficiently perform their work. It is all about breaking through software silos to deliver the correct information to the right people in real time.

The Internet of Things & the Future of Field Service


The Internet of Things refers to the connectivity of physical devices (or “things”) through sensor and other technologies that allow the devices to send and receive data. IDC predicts that 42 billion devices or “things” will be IoT-connected by 2025. Industrial organizations, particularly in manufacturing and energy, increasingly recognize IoT’s importance: over one half in the US are already deploying IoT in a pilot or production setting.

Augmented Reality & The Future of Field Service


Augmented reality (AR) technology blends the real and digital worlds by overlaying digital information or objects within a person’s current view, enhancing the viewer’s experience. The most familiar examples of AR are consumer-based, such as Nintendo’s Pokemon Go and Google Translate. However, the field of "industrial AR"—using the technology to solve industry problems in manufacturing and service—is growing steadily in part due to technology gains and greater understanding of the potential benefits.

Analyst Research
Frost & Sullivan Awards ServiceMax the 2020 Market Leadership Award for Mobile Field Service Management


In another testament to our leadership in Field Service Management, ServiceMax has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Market Leadership Award for North American Mobile Field Service Management. We invite you to access and read the full write-up that accompanies the award.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & the Future of Field Service


AI & ML Defined: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generally defined as the application of advanced analysis and logic-based techniques to interpret events, support and automate decisions, and take actions. These techniques include Machine Learning (ML), which relies on sets of rules or algorithms to continuously learn from data. We increasingly encounter AI and ML as consumers, whether by interacting with virtual assistants, scrolling social media feeds, or streaming video content. But AI’s potential for business is wide-ranging—especially for field service.

Advancing Safety in the Field


Digital Tools to Protect your Workforce. Without adequate attention to the well-being of frontline workers, other business outcomes—productivity, asset uptime, customer experience, revenue, and regulatory compliance—cannot be attained or sustained. The landscape for field worker safety, however, is constantly shifting. This dynamic has been brought into focus by the COVID-19 crisis.For industries performing service on complex, mission-critical assets, safety has long been a top priority. But as safety requirements evolve, advanced digital tools become essential to ensure organizations can respond quickly to safety nee

Field Service USA 2020 Report: Cutting-Edge Technology in Field Service


Surveying the Next-Gen Technology that is Transforming Service Delivery and Management

Analyst Research
Video Highlights - IDC MarketScape for Field Service


Watch now to hear IDC Analyst Aly Pinder share the highlights of the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Manufacturing Field Service Management. Published in November 2019, this IDC MarketScape report profiles and rates 10 field service management vendors who support the field service management market for Manufacturing. In this video, Aly shares why field service management is a "must" to deliver service less reactively and more effectively. Hear why IDC named ServiceMax a Leader in this dynamic market.

From Grease to Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation


Download the Forrester Executive Summary to discover how: The digitalization of industrial services requires new skills and mixed labor models will shape the future of talent sourcing; the focus on digital transformation has placed companies’ attention on harnessing equipment data for insights, exploring new business models, and implementing digital technologies; companies aim to better understand the lifetime of their equipment, how to improve it and how to impact customer satisfaction and business revenue.

WBR Insights Report 2019


Medical Device Manufacturers are experiencing a moment in time defined by changes in technology and customer expectations, framed by increasing data management and compliance challenges. These must be addressed by comprehensive service management strategies. Access this report to learn about the strategies Medical Device Manufacturers are utilizing to remain compliant, while scaling their business and pushing towards service profitability.

Field Service USA 2019 Report: Emerging Technologies in Field Service


In this 2019 Field Service USA report, we benchmark how the latest tools in field service are improving results for customers, service teams, and business as a whole. Featuring a dedicated, in- depth analysis of four technology categories: IoT and Big Data, On-site augmented reality and wearables, AI and machine learning, Field service management (FSM) technologies. These real-world data provide you with a complete picture of the cutting-edge technology performance landscape.

Preventing Unplanned Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance


Asset-centric field service organizations need to be proactive. Car owners are familiar with the concept of manufacturer-recommended maintenance. You change the oil every 3,000 miles with the expectation of reliability and peace of mind. The same holds true in the context of industrial and medical equipment. To encourage regular upkeep, many service organizations offer maintenance plans to help avoid costly and disruptive emergency repairs. In addition, customers expect improved uptime from properly maintained equipment and assets. While preventative maintenance visits are critical to keeping customers happy, taking a proactive approach to maintenance is the future

Analyst Research
IDC Report: Bridging the Service Excellence Gap for Asset-Oriented Manufacturers: Complexity, Cost, and Intelligence


The role of service is changing rapidly among asset-oriented manufacturers. Digital transformation is enabling operators to have the insights necessary to predictively solve problems before assets fail.

ServiceMax Magazine, Issue 7


In this issue, you'll hear some of our customers' stories, like how Compac relies on an efficient service operation in the packhouse in order to move fresh produce at peak quality, as well as how GE Power is planning a future of zero unplanned downtime for millions across the globe.

Service Metrics That Impact The Bottom Line


Traditionally, the service organization has been viewed as a cost center, hampered by siloed data and manual processes that don’t provide true visibility into its performance and the impact on profitability. Modern senior finance and operational leaders are transforming service models by digitizing and automating field service to improve efficiency. However, it’s not enough to simply reduce manual processes. Without the right data analytics, systems, and processes in place to track service performance, little can be done to improve what is not measured.

Delivering on the Digital Promise


In today’s competitive environment, businesses are under growing pressure to increase output, improve margins and optimise assets. This means it’s crucial to get the most out of filling units, reduce the risk of downtime and to connect, automate and monitor lines. All while driving down costs. To enable the digital transformation to power this strategy, SIG and GE Digital have formed a strategic partnership. SIG will deploy GE Digital’s Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) and ServiceMax industrial applications across hundreds of customer factories worldwide to drive new levels of efficiency, create intelligent solutions and enable new possibilities for its customers.

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IDC Analyst Connection: Excelling at Service Delivery with a Hybrid Workforce


Aly Pinder, Program Director, Service Innovation and Connected Products at IDC, addresses five questions put forward by ServiceMax. His answers highlight pertinent areas and provide you with actionable recommendations.

Analyst Research
The Rise of "Asset and Service Data Gravity"


Asset and Service Data is one of the most critical and valuable data sets collected, aggregated and analysed in an organisation. But it also one of the most neglected and untapped sources of actionable insights, that has the potential to connect and benefit every function in the organization and help you stay miles ahead of the competition. Effective transition to this advanced business model will be intrinsically linked to the ability to successfully collect and use this data.

[Webinar Brief] Automate and Optimize Your Field Service Processes to Boost Profitability


In a recent webinar in partnership with Nintex, we discussed how digital transformation is fundamentally changing every industry. Discover how field service organizations need to transform digitally to drive efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability, and learn how intelligent process automation (IPA) is enabling service organizations to automate, orchestrate and optimize their processes.

[Webinar Brief] No Silver Bullet: Determining a Service Strategy that Drives Profitability and Utilization


In this webinar brief, we recap Patrice Eberline’s webinar with WBR Research and discuss the important elements of developing a service strategy for profitability and utilization. Learn how to optimize processes, capitalize on opportunities and create a culture of excellence based on insights and metrics.

[Webinar Brief] Connected Field Services for Oil and Gas


Oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies face an array of complex challenges, from price pressures and aging infrastructure to safety, health and environmental requirements. Now, many of these businesses are preparing to digitally transform their production operations to combat these challenges. In this webinar brief learn how field service management solutions can help break down traditional process silos with work order automation, dynamic scheduling and routing.

[Webinar Brief] Building an Outcome-Based Service Empire


Providing great service to your customers is a must. But “great” has become a loaded word due to increasingly high expectations for service agreements. Customers now often expect field service teams to deliver proactive, outcome-based maintenance to eliminate their worries about the potential consequences of equipment downtime or failure. But many service organization are still not set up operationally to offer this level of service to their customers. Fortunately, new service strategies and technologies are emerging that can help teams deliver maintenance services that are not only more proactive, but predictive.

[Webinar Brief] Raise Field Service Productivity with Our Integrated Knowledge and Inventory Solution


Being in the medical field service business has never been more challenging: hospitals are consolidating and increasing in scale, medical equipment is getting more complex, and talented technicians are harder to find and retain. The key to successfully navigating this dynamic environment is making sure that your technicians have all of the customer, equipment and process data that they need to do their jobs efficiently—all while staying FDA compliant. Most importantly, that data must be readily available on a mobile device—both online and off.

Analyst Research
eBook & microsite "Cost, Causes and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime"


The Vanson Bourne study finds that production and productivity, IT, and customer service are hit hardest by unplanned downtime, with damaging repercussions for businesses as a whole.

Field Service Magazine, Issue 6


Using metrics & analytics in your service business? See how other organizations handle the numbers in this issue of Field Service magazine.

ServiceMax Digital Field Service Effect calculator


This 5-minute value calculator will ask simple questions related to the performance of your service organization. It will then apply those benefits against achievements seen by our customers after the adoption of ServiceMax Field Service Management Software; resulting in an output of potential gains for your organization. Knowing your capacity for improvement is key to driving adoption of technology that will ensure your organization is best-in-class well into the future.

ServiceMax Field Service Maturity Assessment Tool


ServiceMax’s Maturity Assessment Tool brings the intuition about your field service performance, together with an objective analysis of your position amongst industry leaders. It takes a straightforward approach to help you develop the right priorities for process improvement, in key areas such as customer satisfaction, utilization and cost controls.

The New Standard of Facility Management


Today’s facility manager must juggle an array of responsibilities while complying with strict regulatory standards. Using older manual and paper-based processes to maintain aging assets and infrastructure while trying to cut costs can be a difficult challenge. Find out how digital tools can help improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce errors in this eBook from ProntoForms and ServcieMax . “The New Standard of Facility Management” examines how mobile data collection platforms, including intuitive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, empower facility manager professionals to tackle the challenges facing today’s industry.

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