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Emerging Technologies in Field Service


The CTOs, innovation leaders, and field service teams that put new, cutting-edge technologies into service last year have just scratched the surface of what these digital tools can accomplish. This special version of the annual “Emerging Technologies” field service report will explore the sophistication of field service teams’ technology programs, revealing how organizations are tracking the status and reliability of their assets while meeting customer demands for service using new software and hardware.

The 2021 CSO Report: A Comprehensive Guide for Chief Service Officers Globally


The CSO Report offers a summary of the major themes, challenges, initiatives, and opportunities gathered from ServiceMax’s growing global community of Chief Service Officers.

The Value of Integrations


Managing a large number and variety of integrations is critical to realizing the value of ServiceMax’s Field Service Management solutions. Serving as an execution platform, ServiceMax can – through integrations – provide the information needed by customer service agents, technicians and service engineers, back office support staff, procurement/supply chain personnel, and/or the finance team to effectively and efficiently perform their work. It is all about breaking through software silos to deliver the correct information to the right people in real time.

The Internet of Things & the Future of Field Service


The Internet of Things refers to the connectivity of physical devices (or “things”) through sensor and other technologies that allow the devices to send and receive data. IDC predicts that 42 billion devices or “things” will be IoT-connected by 2025. Industrial organizations, particularly in manufacturing and energy, increasingly recognize IoT’s importance: over one half in the US are already deploying IoT in a pilot or production setting.

Augmented Reality & The Future of Field Service


Augmented reality (AR) technology blends the real and digital worlds by overlaying digital information or objects within a person’s current view, enhancing the viewer’s experience. The most familiar examples of AR are consumer-based, such as Nintendo’s Pokemon Go and Google Translate. However, the field of "industrial AR"—using the technology to solve industry problems in manufacturing and service—is growing steadily in part due to technology gains and greater understanding of the potential benefits.

Frost & Sullivan otorga a ServiceMax el Premio de Liderazgo de Mercado 2020 para el Mobile Field Service Management


Como otro testimonio de nuestro liderazgo en la gestión de servicios de mantenimiento industrial, ServiceMax ha recibido el Premio de Liderazgo en el Mercado 2020 de Frost & Sullivan para el Mobile Field Service Management en América del Norte. Le invitamos a acceder y leer la reseña completa que acompaña el premio.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & the Future of Field Service


AI & ML Defined: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generally defined as the application of advanced analysis and logic-based techniques to interpret events, support and automate decisions, and take actions. These techniques include Machine Learning (ML), which relies on sets of rules or algorithms to continuously learn from data. We increasingly encounter AI and ML as consumers, whether by interacting with virtual assistants, scrolling social media feeds, or streaming video content. But AI’s potential for business is wide-ranging—especially for field service.

Advancing Safety in the Field


Digital Tools to Protect your Workforce. Without adequate attention to the well-being of frontline workers, other business outcomes—productivity, asset uptime, customer experience, revenue, and regulatory compliance—cannot be attained or sustained. The landscape for field worker safety, however, is constantly shifting. This dynamic has been brought into focus by the COVID-19 crisis.For industries performing service on complex, mission-critical assets, safety has long been a top priority. But as safety requirements evolve, advanced digital tools become essential to ensure organizations can respond quickly to safety needs...

Capacidades Fundamentales de Gartner pare el Field Service Management, 2020


ServiceMax se calificó como el más elevado (4.04/5) enfocado en los equipos: servicio complejo y casos de uso de equipos como servicio en el nuevo informe de Gartner. Capacidades Fundamentales de Gartner para el Field Service Management, 2020 evalúa los productos de los proveedores para 3 casos de uso común utilizando 9 capacidades de su producto.

ServiceMax nombrada Líder en el Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner 2020 para el Field Service Management


"Las posiciones de los proveedores en este Cuadrante Mágico reflejan las nuevas expectativas de los clientes en áreas como la colaboración, la seguridad, los modelos de negocio y el apoyo a la decisiones impulsadas por la inteligencia artificial para la planificación de piezas y mano de obra. Cuando evalúes a los proveedores, busca paquetes que incluyan múltiples tecnologías, alianzas y resultados comprobados." *Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management”, Jim Robinson, Naved Rashid, July 6th, 2020

Reporte: Tecnología de punta en el Servicio de Mantenimiento Industrial


Estudio sobre la tecnología de última generación que está transformando la prestación y la gestión de los servicios.

El informe 2020 de Líderes de Servicio: Una guía completa para los Líderes de Servicio de todo el mundo


Durante más de una década, ServiceMax se ha centrado en la creación de una comunidad de Líderes de Servicio (CSO) educados y conectados a través de eventos en persona, reuniones ejecutivas individuales y otros puntos de contacto a lo largo del año. El Informe de CSO ofrece un resumen de los principales temas, iniciativas, retos y oportunidades recolectados en la comunidad mundial de CSO de ServiceMax.

Video Highlights - IDC MarketScape for Field Service


Watch now to hear IDC Analyst Aly Pinder share the highlights of the IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Manufacturing Field Service Management. Published in November 2019, this IDC MarketScape report profiles and rates 10 field service management vendors who support the field service management market for Manufacturing. In this video, Aly shares why field service management is a "must" to deliver service less reactively and more effectively. Hear why IDC named ServiceMax a Leader in this dynamic market.

From Grease to Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation


Descarga el Resumen Ejecutivo de Forrester y nuestro Libro Blanco para descubrir más: 1. La digitalización de los servicios industriales requiere nuevas competencias y la forma en que el mercado (o los nuevos modelos de trabajo mixto) configura la búsqueda de talento. 2. El enfoque en la transformación digital ha puesto la atención de las empresas en el aprovechamiento de los datos de los equipos para la comprensión, la exploración de nuevos modelos de negocio y la implementación de tecnologías digitales. 3. El objetivo es que las empresas comprendan mejor la vida útil de sus equipos y cómo mejorarla, para influir directamente en la satisfacción del cliente y, en última instancia, en los ingresos del negocio.

Informe de percepción de WBR


Estudio de la gestión del cumplimiento y la eficiencia de los servicios. Los fabricantes de dispositivos médicos están experimentando un momento en el tiempo definido por los cambios en la tecnología y las expectativas de los clientes, enmarcado por los crecientes desafíos de gestión de datos y de cumplimiento. Estos deben ser abordados por estrategias de gestión de servicios integrales. Descarga este informe para conocer las estrategias que están utilizando los fabricantes de dispositivos médicos para cumplir con las normas, al tiempo que amplían su negocio y se esfuerzan por lograr la rentabilidad del servicio.

ServiceMax Named a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe for Team Collaboration, 2019


Mobile workers, especially in the field service management market, are flocking to new ways to share knowledge with their peers and experts in the back office. Often, they turn to consumer apps to fill this need, but these are often unsecure and unsanctioned. Fortunately, new digital work hubs like Zinc are emerging that help connect employees via voice, messaging, hotline groups and more, securely and seamlessly. In this new report, published in July 2019, independent research and advisory firm Aragon Research rates 18 team collaboration vendors on various criteria, and recognizes the field service use case as a key market for these new digital work hubs.

Resultados de la encuesta a clientes ServiceMax 2019


Más de 450 empresas y 350,000 técnicos dependen de ServiceMax para dar servicio a más de 200 millones de activos en todo el mundo. Cada año, encuestamos a los clientes para entender mejor cómo las organizaciones se benefician de la tecnología de la gestión de ejecución del servicio, y para descubrir áreas donde incluso las organizaciones más avanzadas podrían mejorar. Al asociarse con la consultora de investigación de mercado Wakefield Research, los resultados de la Encuesta de clientes de ServiceMax 2019 comparten ideas para los líderes de servicios para ayudarles a repensar los enfoques de transformación de servicios digitales alineados a tres pilares:

Field Service USA 2019 Report: Emerging Technologies in Field Service


In this 2019 Field Service USA report, we benchmark how the latest tools in field service are improving results for customers, service teams, and business as a whole. Featuring a dedicated, in- depth analysis of four technology categories: IoT and Big Data, On-site augmented reality and wearables, AI and machine learning, Field service management (FSM) technologies. These real-world data provide you with a complete picture of the cutting-edge technology performance landscape.



Superando la brecha de excelencia en el servicio para los operadores con activos industriales El rol de servicio está cambiando rápidamente entre las industrias orientadas a los activos. La Transformación Digital está permitiendo a los operadores tener los conocimientos necesarios para resolver problemas de manera predecible antes de que los activos fallen.

Conexión con analistas de IDC: Sobresalientes en la entrega de servicios con una fuerza de trabajo híbrida


Aly Pinder, Director de Programas, Innovación de Servicios y Productos Conectados en IDC, aborda cinco preguntas formuladas por ServiceMax. Sus respuestas resaltan las áreas pertinentes y le brindan recomendaciones procesables.

El auge de "La Fuerza de la Gravedad de los Activos y los Datos de Servicio"


Este nuevo estudio concluye que la recopilación y el análisis automático de datos de servicio y activos ofrecen un aumento del 14% en los ingresos y brinda información para cualquier otra parte de tu negocio.

Investigación: Costes, causas y consecuencias de un tiempo de inactividad no planificado


El estudio de Vanson Bourne encuentra que la producción y la productividad, las TI y el servicio al cliente son los más afectados por el tiempo de inactividad no planificado, con repercusiones perjudiciales para las empresas en general.

IDC Report: Field Service Management in Manufacturing: ServiceMax


Field Service is a priority for manufacturers. Read this profile of ServiceMax and hear IDC analyst Heather Ashton's insights on ways ServiceMax is innovating and delivering the capabilities that matter for field service organizations at OEMs.

VDC Research: 2017 Field Service Report


Field service organizations are facing mounting pressures. Industry analyst firm VDC Research prepared the independent market study, "Field Service Management: From New Solutions to New Pressures" to highlight the incredible technology changes driving change in this market. The full report provides market and trend insights, and profiles and scores ten of the leading field service management technology providers, including ServiceMax.

How Digital Transformation Drives Service Innovation


Digital transformation (DX) is driving service organizations to transform into value generators for their companies. Heather Ashton, Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights, recently sat down with ServiceMax to talk about DX and its importance to the entire organization.

eBook - How CFOs can lead the Service Transformation Initiative


Progressive finance chiefs look to all aspects of the business — including the field service organization—to support their strategic imperatives of revenue generation, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and safety.

Field Service Magazine, Issue 4


ServiceMax Joins Forces with GE Digital

ServiceMax Magazine Issue #3 Fall 2016


Read the Fall 2016 issue of Field Service Magazine, written by experts for the whole field service organization.

IDC Report - Perspective: ServiceMax's Maximize 2016


This IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective highlights announcements and conversations shared at ServiceMax's user conference, Maximize 2016, held in June in San Francisco.

Make Operational Excellence a Reality


Bain & Company recently said that service is “a key weapon in the intensifying battle for technical differentiation and commercial value proposition, which every industrial company is fighting.” Service is clearly the new battleground.

ServiceMax Magazine Issue #2 Summer 2016


Read the second issue of ServiceMax Magazine, written by experts for the whole field service organization.

ServiceMax Magazine Issue #1 Spring 2016


Read the first issue of ServiceMax Magazine, written by experts for the whole field service organization.

Mastering Field Service In Commercial and Residential Services


This report will give you strategies to help transform your commercial or residential service organization into a field service powerhouse.

Mastering Field Service In Medical Devices


Medical device industry experts agree that for companies to stay competitive in the current healthcare environment, they must move beyond just the sale of products to grow and stay profitable.

Mastering Field Service In Manufacturing


Discover the three fundamental shifts that have taken place in manufacturers’ service organizations.