Compac provides integrated post-harvest solutions and services to the global fresh produce industry. Thirty years ago, the industry lacked a fruit sorting machine with embedded mechanical, electrical, and optical technologies; a tool that was faster and more effective than picking and handling food by hand. Today, Compac designs, installs, and maintains end-to-end fruit sorting solutions that reduce labor, improve accuracy and consistency, and ensure market compliance and traceability for customers worldwide. Driven by their fast-growing business, Compac needed a solution that would help them move from a reactive to a proactive service model, and improve the experience for all of their customers.



Food Production

501–1,000 employees

Auckland, New Zealand


“Moving towards a new field service platform was really key for our business and was driven by our CEO. He recognized that field service created a lot of loyalty with our customers. Investing in a new service management system was a fairly easy decision because we realized we needed to get to this new level of customer experience and that would drive this increase in loyalty.”

Darrell Smithson
VP Global Services


While Compac provided exceptional service to their customers, their service was seen as heroic. Technicians were there when their customers needed them, but their service was reactional. “How can we move to more consistent global service with a consistent delivery mechanism and become more proactive with our customers versus reactive?” Smithson asked himself.

“Some customers would have a really good, intimate relationship with a particular field tech who was very diligent, while others could have a more random experience. So, we needed a system that would really smooth that out.”

Their legacy system was used mainly to track technician time, and not to manage the relationship with customers and their products. Techs would self-manage their days, using a large chunk for admin work. And the back-office team did not have visibility into what the technicians were doing, nor could they schedule techs as needed.

As Compac’s business grew, they knew they needed a system that supported their growth today and in the future.

Customer Story Video: Compac, Proactive Service


Compac began using ServiceMax. “The Dispatch Console has really changed things for us,” explained Warren Garton, Strategy & Operations Manager, “we are now able to tell where technicians are at any given time and prioritize their work for them, which means they can spend more time working with our customers.”

Prior to ServiceMax, service contracts were difficult to manage, especially across multiple systems. Now, Compac schedules regular visits, and established recurring touchpoints with their customers.

One feature their customers are extremely excited about is the Customer Community portal. “Our customers previously engaged with us via email and phone, and it was extremely prohibitive,” Garton shared. “Now customers have this community that gives them a next level of connection with us.”


With the help of ServiceMax, Compac moved away from a break-fix model and now offers proactive services to their customers. “This is a scalable system which allows our field service team to be as efficient as possible without having to do as much admin work, so it makes them more efficient without bringing more people on,” Garton said. Compac is saving time and money with this field service management solution, while also increasing their customer satisfaction. “We’re engaging with our customers on a whole new level and we’re really utilizing the best technology out there to do it.”

Customer Story Video: Compac, Customer Experience