Liftech provides superior products and services to assist people in agriculture, construction, industrial, landscaping, lumber, and pulp and paper business areas. Originally a forklift company, Liftech has expanded to provide a variety of heavy equipment, construction equipment, and service solutions. The company has formed a competent and dedicated working environment, which has led to an average employee tenure of nearly ten years. In order to keep their employees and customers happy, as well as stay competitive in their industry, Liftech needed a service solution that would provide key details into their business.




51-200 employees

East Syracuse, New York


“ServiceMax has the functionality and flexibility to meet Liftech's current and future field service needs. ServiceMax's people and culture means Liftech has a highly energized partner who is truly invested in improving their product to empower their customer to higher levels of success.

Michael Vaughan
Chief Financial Officer


Liftech was doing a great job capturing key data points in their legacy system, but the issue was pulling the information out in a digestible manner. “In a large degree our technicians are disconnected because they do not have the information they need in a timely matter to be able to do their job in the most efficient way,” Vaughan explains.

Since half of Liftech’s employees are a part of the service department, the profitability of the business is very dependent on the technicians. Hence, it was vital that the technicians had the right information at the right time in order contribute to the department’s revenue.

“One of the visions I had is for our customers to ride shotgun instead of in the backseat asking ‘where are we going?’ There’s a disconnect with the information,” Vaughan shares. In order to make use of the information they were already gathering, Liftech turned to ServiceMax.


Liftech’s ‘ah-ha’ moment with ServiceMax came when they attended Maximize, ServiceMax’s global field service event. “It gave me a personal appreciation for the energy and passion shared by ServiceMax leadership and employees,” Vaughan shares.

Liftech knew ServiceMax would be able to address multiple pain points of theirs. With iPads, their technicians are now extremely mobile. The tool gives them access to work orders, scheduling, reporting, and Chatter, a feature that’s improving field collaboration.

This solution also contributed to Liftech’s green initiatives, as paper is completely removed from the equation.


"ServiceMax has increased our employees’ belief in the professionalism of Liftech. They feel good about the fact that we’re invested in this and we’re trying to keep pace with the changing technology and get better,” Vaughan says. Not only has employee morale improved, but so has their productivity. The average revenue created by a technician is up by 5%, contributing to a 30% increase in the overall service revenue.

Customers are also excited about the ServiceMax tool, especially because it contributes to a greener environment. They’re also receiving their invoices 7 days faster, and now have better visibility into reports and dashboards, which is contributing to an increase in customer satisfaction.

This digital innovation has had a positive impact on their field culture. “ServiceMax is different than any other company I’ve worked with because it’s a collaborative relationship… You feel like ServiceMax has a sense of ownership in your project and they want you to succeed with the same passion you have.”