Neisa Nordic is a multivendor IT provider who owns and manages IT service contracts and deliveries across the Nordic borders. As the leading third-party service provider in the Nordics, Neisa Nordic delivers outstanding service to all their partners which include Toshiba, HP and Lexmark. The company secures IT usability, delivers reliable server solutions, implements IMAC, and enables shopping logistics, with the help of their 300 service technicians working across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. When a new system was needed for their service operations in 2016, Neisa Nordic chose ServiceMax and has been impressed with time to value.


Neisa Nordic

Information Technology and Services

51-200 employees

Stockholm, Sweden


“When looking for a field service management solution, I think you need to look into a solution that is easy for the engineers on site to work with, for them to be able to do all their tasks without calling back office and ask them to do some of the parts that is included in the daily work. To have a system that supports a technician to do everything via mobile device is critical.”

Morgan Jonsson
CEO Sweden

Customer Story Video: Neisa Nordic


Neisa Nordic is a fast-growing business, and their previous systems did not support their growth. They knew they needed a software that would be easy to add into their IT flow, as well as something that supports dispatching, depot repair, debriefing, and general reporting.

“In 2014 we decided we needed a common IT system for all four countries to deliver the same process, same SLAs, same performance to our customers regardless of what country we were performing in,” Jonsson explains.


Neisa Nordic originally worked with ServiceNow. After two and a half years building the product, trying to fit it to their needs, Neisa Nordic realized the ServiceNow product would not work for their business. “We decided to switch to ServiceMax, and after half of year of development, we went live in January 2017.”

Neisa’s technicians are now using the ServiceMax on their mobile devices, where they are handling work orders, as well as depot repairs.

“One big change for the new system is now we can deliver really good KPIs to our customers. Some of the customers log into our system and pull live reports. They can get more information from our system then they can from theirs, and it helps them understand their system better,” Jonsson shares.


Neisa Nordic is experiencing great results since implementing ServiceMax. They are lowering their admin time, tightening their SLAs, pulling more detailed reports for internal and external use, and are handling around 10,000 work orders a month in ServiceMax. Their new view of information is also improving their relationships with customers.

“Our next step is to integrate our last customers into ServiceMax and be able to plan all the technician jobs at one service management system. That will let us explore technician utilization, and also continue to improve the SLAs.”

With all their divisions on the same service system, Neisa Nordic is now confident in their ability to provide high quality service to all their customers, regardless of what country they are in.