Tandem is one of Australia’s large workforce management organizations. Through their workforce design and delivery capabilities, they currently manage over 2,900 subcontracting companies who employ over 5,000 highly skilled, compliant workers across several industries, including telecommunications, home insurance, retail, and entertainment brands.



Management Consulting

501 – 1,000 employees

Melbourne, Victoria


"ServiceMax has allowed Tandem to disrupt and revolutionize the way in which we engage and manage a large subcontractor workforce to deliver a frictionless customer experience."

Eric Yilmaz
Customer Story: Tandem


When your workforce is the most vital part of your field service organization, you have to provide them with the tools and training they need to succeed. Eric Yilmaz, CIO of Tandem Corp, understands workforce management and the impact it can have on the business. “If you frustrate the trade of the technician, the experience with the customer could be poor, which could result in a decrease in your Net Promoter Score.”

Tandem uses an uberized delivery model for their service and maintenance delivery. They manages nearly 6,000 service technicians, who have around 4.7M interactions with clients a year. They serve as a workforce aggregator, creating a technical talent pool that is well-suited for a variety of tasks across a variety of industries.

Since their workforce is the face of their organization, Yilmaz knew he needed to put a tool in the hands of his technicians that had core field service functionalities but with a customer experience mindset. “The other field service management solutions I worked with in the past focused on field service: scheduling, dispatch, optimization – the traditional things, but they lacked focus on the client and the asset,” Yilmaz shared.

This tool would become the ‘network’ between its business, the technicians, and the customers. It would also play a fundamental role in creating a consistent brand experience, because customers expect a quality service interaction, regardless of who is sent.

Eric Yilmaz joined ServiceMax Live to discuss how Tandem is digitizing service & empowering a diverse workforce to delight customers across Australia.


ServiceMax met Tandem’s field service management needs: it had the main field service functionality, a customer experience management mentality, a strong job costing capability (for home insurance specifically), and was asset-centric, which was key.

“Remember, you’re not just managing people in the field, you’re managing someone’s assets,” Yilmaz noted.

Tandem required a solution that was dynamic and flexible. They know that field service can be tied to seasons and the demand for field service work is dependant on factors that include weather trends and catastrophic events. They needed a way to keep their workforce engaged and allow for diversification.

With ServiceMax’s solution, Tandem filters service work based on certain criteria like skill, region, performance rating, and sends out job opportunities to a finite list of workers, who can then express interest. They understand how the gig economy is suited for service and how it can be successfully used for their large subcontractor workforce.

Today, Tandem often connects with their technicians via ServiceMax Go, the Field Service App. “As soon as we heard about the latest mobile app, we wanted it. We strive to be leaders – we want to try a product before it is about to go GA.” With a work order process that comes complete with scheduling, work estimates, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order debrief, over 1,000 of Tandem’s contractors can do more from the palm of their hand.

When asked about the tool, one of Tandem’s technicians shared, “This is an amazing application. ServiceMax just saved me 20 minutes on each ticket of work.”


“With ServiceMax, we’ve brought together the contractors, the management, and the work. If you can tie that all together, that means you’ve got a very sleek platform. That’s why we pride ourselves on using ServiceMax.”

Although they started in telecommunications, Tandem has proved that they know service. Because of their confidence in their tools and technicians, the company has expanded into new markets and has discovered new revenue streams for their business.

Tandem has seen better engagement with their workforce, a decrease in technician’s admin time and more visibility into asset data: “Service and asset data is invaluable to be able to make the right decisions at the right time,” Yilmaz explained.

As the gig economy continues to grow, Tandem will be able to grow with it, knowing they have the right tools to connect with their technicians, provide the best customer experience, and maintain an asset-centric approach.

“Organizations with access to rich asset data are going to be ahead of the pack. It’s all about asset-centric service management.”